FUEL follows the journey of TRENT (Damon Shannon), a crime journalist from Toronto who breaks out of his routine life in a quest for love, justice and happiness.


TRENT's monotonous existence changes forever when he defends a homeless man in the streets and is nearly killed. He is saved by SADIE (Farah Al-Mejran), who luckily witnesses the confrontation and calls an ambulance. The near death experience causes TRENT to reflect on his life. He soon quits his unfulfilling job during an argument with his demanding boss LARRY BRADFORD (Tom Bolton).


TRENT begins to obsess over SADIE after finding a note she left him at the hospital. Unable to simply call her, he tracks SADIE down only to realize she is in high school and has a sweetheart. The day gets worse when he realizes his wallet was stolen. TRENT snaps and steals a car from a deserving victim and escapes the city.


The next morning he meets a mysterious hitchhiker JULIE (Genevieve Trilling) in the countryside. The fateful meeting is the start of a road trip where they begin to question their existence and learn about each other’s problems. A series of twists and turns separates and reunites the duo and eventually leads them to Owen Sound and Trent’s friend JONNY (Edwin MacIsaac).


The voyage continues as they are redirected towards Parry Sound by JONNY who is on the way to his cottage and the last bash of the summer. This is the final stop of the trip where TRENT learns the truth about JULIE’s relationship and decides to help her. This is also where TRENT is reunited with LAURA (Ava Himmel), an old friend who decides to help him.


FUEL is a coming of age story filled with tears and laughs, of heroes struggling and succeeding in finding their dreams. Filmed in some of the most enchanting locations and communities in Ontario, this independent Canadian road film brings a unique message of hope at life's crossroads.