This film was born in Toronto. After film school I began writing a short script called FUEL which eventually
swelled into a feature length screenplay. Rather than writing another short to shoot or buying a
condo, I decided to shoot FUEL in the summer of 2006.

The goal was to make a feature film on a short film budget. This was possible with the support of the
Toronto Film Community who’s passion and commitment oversaw the project from shooting to post. A
lot of people donated their time and services to this production and made it possible.

Stanley Kubrick worked with a very small crew successfully and that was the key to this project. Robert
Rodriguez’s do-it-yourself auteur style also influenced my reasoning and gave me the faith I needed
to make this film.

There was a lot of traveling involved but the look and feel of the real locations throughout Ontario gave
the beautiful background for the journey to unfold. The independent cast gave a sense of rawness and
truth to the story, and the on-screen relationship between the two leads, TRENT (Damon Shannon)
and JULIE (Genevieve Trilling) really grew into something magical.

FUEL finished production in the summer of 2007 and was completed in spring of 2008. It is currently
entering the film and festival market.