Commercial + Story

Let us tell your story.  Our scope of work includes Television Commercials for Broadcast and Cinema plus Branded Content and Motion Projects for a variety of clients. From event documentaries to corporate storytelling we’ve produced campaigns across many different industries including Food & Beverage, Education, Fashion, Automotive, Sports, Design and more. We want to showcase your brand and help you connect with your audience through the power of video.


We are social.  And we love capturing those memories on film. We have produced content at a variety of events including Music, Sports, Food, Lifestyle and Conferences. We also have a network of hosts, artists and vendors to help aide your event’s media experience. Take a look at some of our Event productions below.

Food + Beverage

We are foodies.  And we love shooting in the kitchen. We have worked with many food agencies and clients to capture their most delicious recipes and stories. We have a network of food specifics stylists, studios and props to service your project. Take a look at some of our Food and Beverage productions below.


We drive fast.  And we love filming shiny fast cars. We have worked with different brands and agencies to capture new automotive content based around their new models, contests or events. Take a look at some of our Automotive productions below.


We are editorial.  If you have video and photo assets already shot or want to re-purpose old media and graphics for a new production we are here to help. We can help write your Script and package your Brand Identity into new and powerful creative. We have experience with 2D Motion Graphics including Logo Animation, Graphic Design and Character Animation. We also do 3D Animation, Photo Animation, Voice Over, full Audio Post Production and handle Broadcast Delivery for our clients. Take a look at some of our Post Production projects below.

Music + Entertainment

We are fueled by music.  Sound and picture go hand in hand. We’ve worked with record labels, bands, artists, DJ’s and management companies from across the world on a range of productions. Our scope of work includes Music Videos, Concert Productions, Festival Documentaries and more. Take a look at some of our Music and Entertainment productions below.

Aerials & Time Lapse

Heighten your production level by using Aerial and Time Lapse Cinematography in your next project.  Kontakt’s professional services include Aerial Insurance, Location Permits and Special Flight Operations Certificates from Transport Canada. From smaller single operator drones to full size drones with a pilot and camera operator flying an Alexa or Red Weapon camera, we have different solutions to fit your budget. Time Lapse Cinematography captures a moment and place in a visually enchanting way. We use Motion Control Systems and Hyperlapse techniques to capture stunning moving time lapse sequences. We also have experience shooting from Helicopters and can facilitate those services for your production. Check out some of our favourite shots below.

Kontakt Films Aerial & Time Lapse Videography Banner


Kontakt Films was born from the independent filmmaking world and that spirit lives on.  Over the years we’ve continued our passion for creative film projects amidst the work we do for our clients. We’ve explored narrative and documentary filmmaking and are currently shifting our focus to more long-format work. This year we optioned our first kids book Arctic Adventures for episodic development, watch the origin short documentary Arctic Adventurers ‘Beyond The Book’ about it and our other Film projects below.